Galway Food Festival public meeting

Second job of the year! thanks to an absent colleague, this was an information evening for the upcoming Galway Food Festival. It was a day of bad flooding in Galway so I was surprised so many people attended. I did social shots and ones of the speakers. I even did a little (unasked for) video, just more out curiousity to see if I could remember how to record video on my camera. I’m always trying to ‘add value’, me ;-)

Update! Mike Shaughnessy from the Galway Advertiser was at this thing too and got the front page with this photo:

I think its a good example to use to illustrate what these kind of press/PR jobs are all about. You arrive into a situation knowing you have to knock a few decent pics out of it. And its not always obvious where they might be, thats where the creativity comes in. I turned up and looked around and thought oh no, what can I make out of this? Then I looked on (in horror as well as admiration its fair to say) as Mike orchestrated this scenario which winds up making the front page of arguably the most important local newspaper around in terms of PR value. Plus all this has to happen quickly which obviously adds more pressure. But the end result here looks natural and encapsulates the event perfectly. I guess the take-home message is, hire Mike not me! (blogging really is great for business, isn’t it?)

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